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November 25, 2020

Here’s to the future; A 202020 Vision

What man made environments take away from us, nature gives back. Study after study has proven the positive effects that nature has on our mental health, attention span, energy levels, relaxation levels and overall well being. Psychologists call it ‘Attention Restoration Theory’.

Dating back over 100 years ago psychologist William James explained that human attention comes in two different forms, the first he labels as ‘direct attention’, which enables us to focus on demanding tasks such as driving, reading and writing. The second form of ‘involuntary attention’ is drawn easily from pretty and natural objects such as wild animals, nature and bright objects.

202020 vision launch
Above: Popup garden at the 202020 vision launch.

Our urban every day living constantly demands our ‘direct attention’, dodging traffic, interacting with strangers, dwelling in man made objects and processing constant advertising leaves us mentally drained. A natural environment promotes healing and allows us to think as much or as little about anything or nothing as we would like.

202020 Vision is a national initiative to increase urban green space by 20% by 2020. 202020 are a collaboration of over 20 advocates who are leaders in their fields of government, academic and private sectors. There are also over 50 partner organisations that are collaborating to work on over 40 projects throughout Australia.

202020 vision team
Above: From left, Sacha Coles, Warick Johnson, Sara Wilkinson, Robert Prince and Samantha Sharpe.

202020 aim to complete their mission by mapping, measuring, publicising, researching and supporting Australia’s finest green space, projects and advocates. Then quantify the value and positive impact of urban green spaces and in turn use these tools to inspire more councils, developers and communities to lead the way in creating more green space projects.

The official launch of 202020 Vision was held at The Goods Line in Sydney. Which is a Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority project to rejuvenate the disused rail line which is to be a future green space providing pedestrian access from Broadway to Darling Harbour along a promenade of new urban spaces, restaurants and cafes.

robert prince 202020 vision
Above: Robert Price at the 202020 vision launch.

Robert Prince, Chief Executive Officer of Nursery and Garden Industry Australia (NGIA) and partner in the 202020 Vision commented;

“We know our cities need more green spaces, as they’re good for our health, productivity, keeping cities cool and reducing pollution, urban heat islands, poor air quality, lack of enjoyable urban community areas are all poor outcomes when green spaces aren’t incorporated into new developments and large scale building projects.”

The 202020 Vision is open to the public to join free of cost. For more information on the 202020 Vision or to join up visit their website.

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