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August 26, 2020

Australian Garden Show dishes up bugs and bush food


The bug eating entomologist “butterfly” Skye Blackburn is joining chef Kylie Kwong to present a grub cooking demonstration at the Australian Garden Show in Sydney.

Edible Australian insects include bush cockroaches, green tree ants, sugarbag honey bees, termites and witjuti grubs, but they are all very hard to source, according to Kwong.

edible insects cooking

kylie kwongFor the demonstration locally bred house crickets and meal worms will be served up, as will Asian rainforest scorpions sourced from a reputable bug farm in Thailand.

The scorpions are on the menu just so visitors can try an arachnid!

Blackburn breeds insects to order and will soon be producing special batches for Kwong’s restaurant Billy Kwongs, which will offer specialty dishes with the crickets and mealworms.

The Australian Garden Show Sydney celebrates Australia’s love of gardens and outdoor spaces, and is being held in Sydney’s Centennial Park, during September 5-8.

Kwong and Balckburn will cook up their bugs Sunday September 8, at 11am, as part of the Seeds of Wisdom lectures. For more info check out the website.


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