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May 13, 2021

Blue King Brown – Onwards and Upwards

Charismatic Australian roots band Blue King Brown, headed by Natalie Pa’apa’a and Carlo Santone, are recruiting two new members to their line up. However, unlike many other bands, the prerequisites for audition are not just someone who can sing, but someone who shares the band’s ideals in the fight for global justice.

Striving to make a difference through their music, Blue King Brown sing about freedom and social equality in places such as Sierra Leone, and in particular – West Papua. Thus the bands’s two new backing singers, Lea and Petra Rumwaropen, are not only good singers, they’re freedom fighters from West Papua.

Blue King Brown

(Natalie Pa’apa’a with the newly appointed Rumwaropen sisters)

The Rumwaropen sisters are daughters of the late Agosto Rumwaropen – the singer/songwriter for the West Papuan band The Black Brothers – who sang about justice, freedom and oppression. The band had considerable influence on the region before they fled West Papua in the late ‘70s (due to safety concerns) and eventually settled in Australia.

Petra says of joining the band, “it remains our passion to continue the legacy our late father left us – to keep spreading the West Papua message through music, especially now with BKB!”

Thus far, Blue King Brown have been hugely influential in highlighting the situation in West Papua to Australian audiences via their emotive music. This latest addition to its lineup looks set to broaden the intensity and scope of its message. “We try and use music as a way to inspire people to remember that they are part of a global community”, says Natalie.

In May of 2013 – Natalie, Lea and Petra will join Julian Marley for a special acoustic set in Melbourne at The Corner on the 9th and in Sydney’s The Metro on the 10th. Blue King Brown will then head to Japan to play a series of shows from the 19th – 24th of May, before returning to Australia to play at the Perisher Snowy Mountains Music Festival from the 7th to the 10th of June.

For more information on Blue King Brown, including tour dates, take a look at their website.

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