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May 26, 2021

Byron Bay Organics

Based in the rolling green hills behind Byron Bay is Byron Bay Organics. Byron Bay Organics is dedicated to promoting the organic life. Through Byron Bay and Melbourne they pack, distribute and wholesale Australian grown certified organic food.

Their property on the outskirts of Byron Bay in Bangalow is a certified organic farm. Here Byron Bay Organics not only grow organic food but support, educate and distribute Australian organic food growers and farmers.

byron bay organics

byron bay organics logoByron Bay Organics explain that organic food has been a major part of human food history. It is only during the 20th century that a large percentage of synthetic chemicals and pesticides were introduced to the food supply. This particular use of chemicals in farming is now commonly used all over the world, allowing food to be mass produced and cheaper.

Although it is cheaper and in some cases faster, farming with the use of pesticides and chemicals has a devastating affect on the soil and the surrounding environment, not to mention the danger to our health when we consume such chemicals.

Under organic production, the use of conventional non-organic pesticide (including insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides) and other artificial inputs (such as chemical fertilizers) is strictly monitored and precluded with a zero tolerance policy. Certification guarantees food purity.

Byron Bay Organics are all about educating others and spreading awareness about the many benefits of organic food and living.

Certified Organic food must comply with organic food quality standards set by the national government and the Organic Growers Association Small Producer Program.

If you yourself are an organic farmer Byron Bay Organics can also guide you and answer your questions in fulfilling the process to becoming an Australian Certified Organic Farmer.

On the other hand if you are already a Certified Australian Organic farmer, Byron Bay Organics can help you get your organic produce to market through their solid and successful national distribution network. If you would like to contact them do so at Byron Bay Organics.


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