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February 24, 2021

Chlorine-free pools couldn’t be cleaner

Red eyes and rashes are on the way out as a new generation of cleaning and filtration systems including Australia’s Hydroxypure, are delivering super clean, chlorine-free pools.

Fun-filled hours of play in the backyard pools once marred by painful red and sore eyes, should soon be a thing of the past.

Chlorine is the chemical that has caused all the problems, and was once indispensable for pool hygiene. But new filtration systems are proving to be cheaper and safer alternatives.


The new chlorine-free, filtration systems are all about water that is “like a natural spring’ or “as pure as rainwater”. Swimming pool water becomes drinkable, oxygenated and good for the skin.

Without delving into the full technical details, the new cleaning systems are based on electronic purification.

The systems split water into its constituent parts of hydrogen and oxygen, strip out the impurities and then put it back together. Clean, fresh and as good as new. Chemical-free.

hydroxypure system

Key processes include ionisation and oxidisation. Metals like Copper, which kills algae, and silver, an anti-bacterial agent, can be used in the new systems.

Chlorine-free pool cleaning systems can also be cheaper than old methods because they use less power to run filters and pumps, and no expensive chemicals are required.

The US-based ECOsmarte has a chlorine-free pool system available in Australia, while home grown options include Enviroswim, based in Surfers Paradise.

In 2013 the Hydroxypure system was released by Nick Briscoe, a Gold Coast-based inventor and pool fanatic.

It’s the only pool sanitisation system of its type to receive a tick of approval from the National Asthma Council Australia.

The concept for Hydroxypure was inspired by Briscoe’s son who couldn’t use the household pool without painful and uncomfortable skin flare ups and breathing problems due to the chlorine.

The new system has adapted the latest drinking water purification technologies developed by Waterco, and applied them to treating pool water.

According to Briscoe, Hydroxypure simulates the action of the sun by producing a high intensity wavelength of light which produces a clean form of ozone that’s free of impurities. This helps the filtration system to be able to filter out oxidised contaminants in the water, leaving the pool water clean and crystal clear.

The use of two disinfectants (ozone and hydrogen peroxide) actively works in harmony to increase active oxygen in the water, he said. The end result is a chlorine free pool enriched with oxygen.

There is no need to shower after swimming, he says. Indeed the pool water is probably cleaner than the shower!


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