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May 26, 2021

Clean air and advertising all in one

It is proven that the biggest cities in the world produce the majority of our air pollution. This air pollution can cause detrimental damage to our health, causing diseases such as cancer, heart conditions and respiratory conditions not to mention the amount of damage air pollution has on the environment. Imagine if we could filter just half of this pollution out?

One of the cities that suffer from some of the highest levels of air pollution in the world is Lima in Peru. But now an engineering team in Peru has come up with the genius concept of a billboard that can clean polluted air.

billboard air filter peru

The team believes that they have developed a billboard that can purify 100,000 cubic metres of air everyday! That’s the equivalent of over 1,200 trees. The billboard works to suck in the polluted air cleaning it and releasing it back into the atmosphere as clean pure air.

Developed by a team at The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru (UTEC). This is the same team that who created a billboard that captures drinkable water from thin air.

Lima is the first city to trial this billboard, the team from UTEC have placed the billboard in the middle of construction zone, where there is a permanent cloud of dust in the air. In one of the first weeks of the billboard’s existence it filtered nearly 500,000 cubic air by passing it through water.

This mechanism of passing the polluted air through water filters out dust, bacteria and particles. These elements are then be used to analyse the level of air pollution in the area.

The billboard has proven to clean a radius of up to 5 blocks around the billboard, benefiting not only the residents in this area but the construction workers also.

This just proves thinking a little outside of the box (literally) can do us all a world of good, and with the amount of billboards out there that bombard us with endless amounts of logos and marketing, why not tackle a major pollution issue at the same time?

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