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March 25, 2021

Future Living | DesignBuild 2013

Interested in sustainable products and solutions for the building industry? Then perhaps you should venture to Future Living by Cameron Rosen, an interactive showcase displaying the latest ideas and concepts in sustainable building. Held at the DesignBUILD 2013 expo at the Darling Harbour Convention Centre in Sydney, the event, which is the creation of Australian Living and Diversified Exhibitions, is running from the 8th to the 10th of May.

Managing director of Australian Living, Cameron Rosen, says “Future Living will bring together the latest ideas and concepts and not just have them on display, but showcase them as a reality complemented by informative workshops – a working concept of how efficient a house can be with the right products, while supporting innovative manufacturers”.

designbuild home interior

design build logoAs of February 2013, Australian Living has been approaching both manufacturers and suppliers, on an invite only basis, to be a part of Future Living. However, their products must first pass Australian Living’s sustainability criteria to qualify for the DesignBUILD 2013 expo.

The event’s overall idea is to attract building designers, builders, architects and home owners, so they can walk around the “mock-up home” on display and find any quality products and materials they might need for building sustainable projects.

Exhibition Manager, Frank Matus, says “Future Living is an ambitious industry first, showcasing the interface between industry-leading products in a sustainable environment”…“DesignBUILD 2013 marks its place on the trade and professional calendar as the place to gather information from leading industry associations, see new products and experience real life applications of new innovations”.

Cameron Rosen the Future Living DesignBUILD expo is designed to simplify sustainable building. Each individual component, he says, is evaluated so they make part of a well designed whole. For example a wall comprises cladding, render, plasterboard, insulation and paints, and it’s important they work together to create a total sustainable building solution, “and you’ll find them within Future Living at DesignBUILD”, he says.

For more information on the Future Living expo, take a look at the DesignBUILD 2013 website.


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