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October 21, 2020

The third annual Garage Sale Trail

Are you fond of Garage sales? Do you find someone else’s trash as you treasure to be true? Is it one of those things you look forward to on a Saturday morning? Or perhaps you are the one that hosts the Garage Sale? Another option you may be considering is collaborating all your friends and all your stuff to sell. If you are doing either or of the above you are doing great things for our environment, economy and community.

garage sale trail 2013

According to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), households across NSW alone are sending more than two million tonnes of household waste to landfill. A garage sale is the most cost effective and efficient way of tackling this problem. The Garage Sale Trail is now in its third year running and will be held again this year on Saturday, October 26. 2013.

This event is a fun and creative initiative to get the community together and sell some stuff. Since the first Garage Sale Trail in 2010 the event has redistributed approximately one million items from going to landfill, generated more than $1 million in local economic activity, facilitated $3 million in fundraising and created hundreds of thousands of local connections across Australia.

Garage Sale Trail encourages anyone to participate, everyone from schools, businesses, share houses, renters and homeowners. Steve Beaman, Director Waste and Resource Recovery, EPA, said Garage Sale Trail offers a sustainable – and fun – option for helping to solve Australia’s growing household waste issue.

”If everybody could contribute just one useable item destined for the garbage to this event, imagine how much waste to landfill could be saved,” added Beamann.

The Garage Sale Trail website has a registration tab were you can join the seller page, locate garage sales in your area and find tips on how to grab a bargain. So go on and get garage sailing.

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