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November 11, 2020

The Green Interiors Award 2013 /14

The Green Interiors Awards 2013/14  will shine a light on the best of green interior products for homes, offices, shops, educational facilities, hotels, restaurants and bars. While there has been plenty of focus on eco architecture, much of the advances on interiors has been unnoticed and uncelebrated until recently.

The Awards were created in 2012 by Australian Living, a sustainable building consultancy dedicated to spreading the awareness of the benefits associated with green buildings – both inside and out.

green interior

Anthony Lieberman, Marketing and Communications Manager at Australian Living explains the rationale behind these Awards. “We believe that it is important for industry professionals and homeowners to choose interior products that are healthy for the users, manufacturers, suppliers and the environment. These Awards are all about product use and not structural interior design.”

For the Green Interiors Awards, Australian Living wanted to increase the awareness of the Awards so the decision was made to partner with a major magazine publisher who shared a similar philosophy. Enter Universal Magazines – Australia’s largest publisher of home media, including Home Design Magazine.

green interior kamaria

After more than 26 years Universal remains committed to delivering high-quality content to its audiences and targeted media products to businesses. “We welcome the opportunity to provide a mass market platform to a worthy cause,” says Universal Magazines Publisher, Janice Williams. “Sustainability involves meeting challenges creatively, so we welcome the leadership role that designers have taken and look forward to promoting their work.”

Managing Editor of Universal Magazines, Kate St James has been flying the good and green flag since the beginning of her career, personally commissioning feature stories that promote green design, long before it was fashionable. “I believe that all interiors should be designed in a timeless manner, whatever your taste.  Avoiding short-term trends will give you interiors of enduring style, and never looks dated. These awards illustrate just how beautiful “green” interiors can be.”

Entries close on 23 May 2021 and winners will be announced June 19, 2014.

For further information visit: www.greeninteriorawards.com.au.


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