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April 28, 2021

International Composting Awareness Week 2014

The International Composting Awareness Week (ICAW) to be held Monday 5 to Sunday 11 May 2021 across Australia aims to get the message to start composting and help our environment.


Australians are the third highest waste producers in the world, after Americans and Canadians. We now throw away 4 million tonnes of food every year – up to a quarter of the country’s food supplies. The solution is simple, if everyone composted, the total waste going to landfill could decrease by up to a third.

ICAW encourages people to start composting – and making use of compost. Gardening Australia’s Costa Georgiadis is the ambassador for the week, although ICAW is not just a week. Momentum is starting to build as more and more people get involved online and by publishing their own events on the website.

ICAW promotes food waste reduction and recycling, as Eric Love, Chairman of CORE, explains: “Each year over half of our household garbage is made up of food and garden organics. Most of this material can be recycled by composting it.”

As organic waste decomposes in landfill it produces the greenhouse gases, methane and carbon dioxide. These greenhouse gases contribute to worldwide climate change. Landfill gas typically consists of 54% methane and 40% carbon dioxide. Methane is twenty four times more damaging as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

Compost produced by the recycled organics industry is already providing Australian landscape, horticulture and agricultural industries with affordable solutions to improve productivity and environmental outcomes.

What to add to your home composting bin:

Include things such as vegetable and fruit scraps, vegetable oil, pruning’s and lawn clippings, tea bags and coffee grounds, vacuum dust, hairs, shredded paper and cardboard, used potting mix, egg shells, flowers.

What NOT to add to your home composting bin:

Meat and bones, dairy products, diseased plants, metals, plastic and glass, animal manures, fat, magazines, large branches, weeds that have seeds or underground stems, bread or cake, sawdust from treated timber.

ICAW is supported by state, regional and local governments around Australia. A range of events is held throughout the week between 5th and 11th May 2014. Events can be viewed, registered and downloaded from the Calendar pages within the website www.compostweek.com.au, where more information is provided.

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