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May 19, 2021

LiquiGlide will be slipping product soon

LiquiGlide is a slippery surface coating that makes gluggy liquids slide easily and has potential beyond making tomato sauce fall freely out of its bottle.

Mayonnaise, face creams, sun lotion are all on a long list of products that put up a fight when it comes to getting the last of them out of their packaging container.

liquiglide blood

Sure you can cut the container open but you have to have a knife handy. You also have to use everything that is made available right away because the container can’t be resealed, so you still end up losing valuable product. Some product is also so sticky it defies gravity, so placing the container upside down for a few days doesn’t always help either.

This is the problem LiquiGlide solves. This new substance allows thick and sticky liquids to slide easily and quickly.

The product itself is made up of a thin porous material that absorbs the active material. Together they make a layer that goes inside bottles or other containers to increase the flow rate of the product.

liquiglide diagram

The set-up allows each application of LiquiGlide to be slightly modified to precisely match the characteristics of the substance that needs to slide. The technology is so precise the flow speed of liquids over LiquiGlide can be predetermined.

The developers’ promise is that every last bit of product in a container coated with LiquiGlide will flow freely and be available for users.

Just think, the last of the sauce flowing freely from the bottle. No banging or whacking or heavy squeezing. Just invert and poor – too easy.

The environmental benefits are many fold. Firstly, there is just a lot more bang for your buck because waste is reduced.

As much as 10 per cent of a container’s product sticks to its sides and is generally thrown away. Making this product available to use saves the environment and money.

LiquiGlide also makes pumps, and other fancy devices required to help remove product from a container, redundant. Doing without these bits saves money, and could also save millions of these devices, laden with embodied energy and heavy plastic, going to landfill.

It will also be possible to package much thicker and stickier liquids, meaning more concentrated versions of products can be sold. More concentrated product reduces the total volume that needs to be shipped with relative savings in transport costs, emissions and packaging.

All consumers have to do is add water at home. And they have a much cheaper and greener version of the original product.

Savings also occur at the beginning of the supply chain where plant and machinery has to be cleaned out for servicing, or cleaning. Any product that can’t be easily removed from machinery has to be washed off and becomes waste.

As yet there are no products that use LiquiGlide, but they are expected to start sliding into American shop shelves sometime later in 2014.

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