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March 31, 2021

Local Harvest – Take the Challenge


This is a challenge where everybody wins. Local Harvest is challenging you to take on the goal of intentionally reclaiming your food choices and decreasing the degrees of separation between our food and us.

You can do this by taking on the bite-sized challenge, the meal-sized challenge and feast-sized challenge, to locally, supporting local and organic farmers and businesses, and discovering the face behind your food.

local harvest challenge girl with apples

local harvest logoThe bite-sized challenge involves choosing only 7 items per week (1 item per day) that are locally and sustainably sourced, the meal-sized challenge involves choosing a total of 14 items for the entire week (2+ a day), or the feast sized challenge which involves committing to eating only locally and sustainably sourced foods.

You have the option of taking up this challenge at any time. But it officially starts on the 6th of April and ends the 12th of April 2014.

Local Harvest has a few suggestions to help you out on your challenge including; shop at farmers markets, source free-range local meats and cheeses, buy in bulk to minimize packaging, harvest and eat food from your own garden.

Don’t forget to blog about your experiences and share with everyone else at Local Harvest. For more information have a look at their website.


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