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March 18, 2021

Make it Wood – Do Your World Some Good

In its latest approach to tackling climate change, renown environmental outfit Planet Ark has launched its Make it Wood – Do Your World Some Good campaign. The campaign, which encourages the use of responsibly sourced wood for building, emphasises the carbon storage and renewable capacity of wood as a material.

Indeed, wood is a uniquely gifted material in the building world, as it’s a natural carbon store, with up to 50% of its dry weight being carbon. And according to Planet Ark, substituting wood for other, more heavy green house gas contributing materials, such as steel and concrete, could reduce emissions in one household “by up to 18 tonnes over its life”.

Make it wood

make it wood

Last year’s Snap Some Wood photo competition winners, above, and right.

However, Planet Ark also emphasises wood used must be responsibly sourced, meaning it should come from managed forests or recycled material. A major focus of its Make it Wood campaign is to “raise awareness of certification and responsibly sourced wood and contribute to improving the integrity and criteria of wood product labelling schemes in Australia”.

Besides Planet Ark, there’s also a number of major building projects around Australia advocating the use of wood. These include the Forte Apartments by Lend Lease in Melbourne’s Docklands Wharf. Here you’ll find the tallest timber residential apartment block in the world, which Lend Lease predicts has saved 1,400 tonnes of CO2 in its construction.

There’s also Jamie Oliver’s mobile kitchen in Queensland, which is made from certified managed wood products and locally sourced, recycled timber. And there’s numerous private residences in both Victoria and NSW that have now jumped on the wood sourced bandwagon.

Back to Planet Ark’s Make it Wood – Do Your World Some Good program, one of its main aims is to raise awareness about carbon and the fact that it can be stored in wood long after a tree is harvested. And to get more people using responsibly sourced wood for construction, Make it Wood has announced its Snap Some Wood photo competition, where one simply has to enter their own photo of a wooden product or building to win prizes.

The competition promises a People’s Choice Award, as well as various prizes from any of these three categories photographers can enter: 

  • Renovation – which includes DIY and professional renovation projects, the majority of which are built with wood.
  • Structures – which “includes photos of houses, frames, commercial or public buildings, sheds, piers, wharves, or fencing”.
  • Miscellaneous – which includes wood furniture, sculptures, art and unusual items.

For more information on Make it Wood  – Do Your World Some Good, visit Planet Ark’s website.

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