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February 3, 2021

Keeping up with The New Joneses

In Australia each year nearly 20 million tonnes of waste goes into landfill; food, clothes, accessories and electronics we never use but manage to spend over $10 billion on, as a nation, every year.

The New Joneses is a new project that pushes the boundaries of society’s expectation on what is expected of us in our superficial consumer driven world that we live in.

new joneses project

Channel 7 Sunrise Show’s Edwina Bartholomew will be living in The New Joneses 8 star energy-rated house with a no-waste lifestyle daily, in-front of a national TV audience, from February 10the to 13th in FedSquare, Melbourne.

Bartholomew and the Sunrise audience will experience sustainable living tips, from energy efficiency, the secondhand economy, reducing food waste, buying local from Aussie producers, electric vehicles, living chemical free, composting, maximizing resources, minimizing waste and ‘growing their own’.

Even Bartholomew’s clothes, home wares and furniture will all be sourced second hand. Highlighting the benefits of extending the life of existing goods.

The house will be open to the public from February 15th-16th as part of the Sustainable Living Festival.

“The New Joneses do more with less. Thinking where stuff comes from and where it goes, they maximize resources, minimizing waste, they buy experiences not stuff. Living it up, not ‘keeping up’, the new Joneses are here to stay.”

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