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March 3, 2021

Celebrate Seaweek 2014

Seaweek is the Marine Education Society of Australasia’s (MESA) major annual education campaign to increase understanding and appreciation of the ocean and its living organisms. This year, Seaweek will be held from the 1–9 March 2014, with the theme being ‘Sustainable Seas’.

Aquaculture is the most rapidly expanding food industry in the world. Aquaculture, in common with all other food production practices, is facing challenges for sustainable development. Awareness of potential environmental problems has increased significantly and efforts are under way to further improve human capacity, resource use and environmental management in aquaculture.

sea week

The Department of Fisheries has been involved in the Seaweek Educators Expo since it’s inception in 2001 – hosting the event at the Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre since 2006.

The Seaweek Educators’ Expo is a great learning and professional development opportunity where those interested can network with educators, meet knowledgeable marine and coastal educators, and find out the latest in marine education.

Learn more at Marine Education Society of Australasia’s website.

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