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April 22, 2021

Sustainability Leadership Seminar On Water

Under the banner of Sustainability Leadership, The United Nations Association of Australia 
is presenting 
a seminar on Corporate Water Valuation: 
Accounting for Risks and Impacts, Valuing Ecosystem Services. The seminar is to be presented in Melbourne on Monday, April 29, 2013.

The United Nations is a well-recognised organisation in every country. But as such a huge organization, it can sometimes feel a remote entity to us as individuals. The United Nations Association of Australia Victoria aims to connect Australians with the UN and educate the community in the work they do for human rights, social justice, and in this case the environment.

Sustainability leadership

There are few environmental issues more critical than managing our water supplies. While most of us have some understanding of measuring and taking responsibility for our carbon footprint, many of us have overlooked the value of our water footprint. Based on that model, corporate water valuation is similar, though the valued commodity in this case is water.

The aim of this sustainability leadership seminar is to bring together corporate water valuation experts and practitioners from business and government, as well as regular citizens to discuss the critical value of water for Australian society as a whole.

The seminar will highlight what our businesses, governments and non-profit organisations are doing to measure and manage their impacts and dependencies on water. Although this sustainability leadership initiative will address water issues for business both here and around the world.

Ultimately, businesses that understand their water-related risks, impacts and dependencies will be better equipped to address water scarcity issues.

The sustainability leadership seminar will also address the importance of accounting for the true value of water as a critical economic, ecological and social asset in business and government decision-making processes. It will provide a forum for shared learning on corporate water valuation and seeks to build momentum for action by Australian business, government and charities in this vital area – without water there is no life.

Some of the topics to be covered in this seminar include:

  • Australian Government perspective –  current priorities, measurement and where Australia can make a difference.
  • Australia’s water resources – water security and ecosystem services under the National Water Initiative.
  • Corporate Water Valuation in practice – challenges and opportunities.
  • Water for irrigation – understanding and managing associated risks in the wine industry.
  • Integrating management of environmental assets into business and government decision-making processes.
  • Experiences and opportunities for cross-sector collaboration.

For more information on this important seminar covering our most crucial element, take a look at the UNAA Victoria website.

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