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September 2, 2020

Take a stroll through someone else’s home for Sustainable House Day

It seems as though there is ‘A Day’ for every day of the year. Just for the month of September there is Wattle Day, Gold Bow Day, Father’s Day, Big Red Kidney Walk, National Flag Day, National Health and PE Day, R U OK DAY?, International Democracy Day and many more. But have you ever heard of Sustainable House Day? Hopefully you have, as this is the twelth annual Sustainable House Day to be held on September 8th this year in 2013.

sustainable house day 2013

This event showcases some of Australia’s most environmentally sustainable homes. In a bid to promote renewable energy, the day is an initiative of the Australian Solar Council. Last year 200 houses were opened to over 40,000 people. Giving people who are looking to go green, wanting some inspiration for further renewable energy ideas or anyone wanting to sticky beak into someone else’s house the perfect opportunity to take a look through a sustainable home.

Each year the average Australian home contributes 13 tonnes of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and uses around 73,000 buckets of water. If this amount of consumption is not hitting home (excuse the pun) think about it like this; that’s enough gas to fill 700 balloons everyday and enough water run 12 baths a day.

Most of the measures showcased in the Sustainable House Day are so simple – any homeowner can embrace them. The Sustainable House Day gives the public the opportunity to see these measures functioning first hand and the opportunity to meet and talk with other homeowners about the how they made their homes more sustainable.

This year the Environmental Scientist and the ABC’s Gardening Australia’s Josh Byrne will be taking part in the event and opening his house to the public for Sustainable House Day. Josh’s sustainable house is so sustainable it is part of a three-year research project through the CRC for Carbon Living. Josh’s sustainable house produces more electricity than it consumes and harvests recycled water along with many other features that make this one of Australia’s best sustainable houses, all on an affordable budget. Situated in Fremantle, WA the house will be open from 10 am on Sunday the 8th of September.

If you aren’t in Fremantle, never fear there are plenty more sustainable houses to be explored on Sustainable House Day. For more information on the event, or to find a sustainable house close to you visit: www.sustainablehouseday.com

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