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April 8, 2021

Sustainable Living Stage | HIA Sydney Home Show

If you’re looking at fitting out your home, why not invest in ‘greener’ items that are better for both you and the environment? Although what does ‘being green’ mean, and how should one go about it? Such questions can be answered at the HIA Sydney Home Show & Build Green Expo from the 16 – 19th May, where sustainable design ambassador Emine Mehmet is displaying a Sustainable Living Stage – a living room comprised of sustainable products.

Besides educating the public on ‘being green’ through a display living room, Emine will be heading a panel comprised of eco-product (those on display) suppliers from 11:00am to 2pm. Questions such as ‘what does green mean’? Will be discussed in a way that can help families create a healthier, more environmentally friendly and ultimately cheaper home environment.

HIA Sydney Home ShowTopics of discussion at the HIA Sydney Home Show include floors and walls, furniture, and heating. Floor and wall options include a rundown on products such as Living Tiles, which, as Emine will tell you, “have an amazing range of sustainable flooring solutions for any budget”. Other tile options come from the Plank range – which imitate the timber look and are made of recycled material.

Wall products on display include Decoprint Diamond wallpaper, which is 100% polyester and contains no PVC content. The wallpaper also allows you to create artwork to suit your style. You could even match it with BoConcept’s range of furniture, which is made up of wood waste (in the form of sawdust), reclaimed wood or small wood pieces. BoConcept furniture doesn’t contain any CFC and HCFC refrigerants, while it looks good and is highly functional.

What about home heating? An increasingly important issue that home owners face is rising energy costs. At the HIA Sydney Home Show, you’ll be exposed to Jetmaster Victoria’s range of fireplaces, which provide warmth in a stylish, effective and generally healthy manner. Under the name of EcoChoice Fires, Jetmaster Victoria’s fireplaces use low emission, energy efficiency pellets made from saw dust waste.

For more information on the Sustainable Living Stage, including any questions you might have, contact Emine Mehmet or the HIA Sydney Home Show website.

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