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March 11, 2021

The Big Shift Design Competition

Interior designers looking for a challenge, some extra cash, and the chance to have their work built by Lend Lease or displayed at designEx, Melbourne’s premier design and architecture event, take note: The Big Shift Design Competition is here.

Created by sustainability ambassador, interior designer and writer Emine Mehmet, the competition is open until Tuesday 30th April and aims to encourage innovation and creativity in sustainable interior development. The big shift, according to Emine, refers “to the shift from design as usual to sustainable design”. Competition winners will be announced on Thursday 30 May 2021 at designEx in Melbourne.

design competition

design competitionThe competition will also involve designers in the emerging ‘pop-up’ phenomenon, as Xanita X-Boards – lightweight boards made from upcycled cellulose fibre waste – will be used to create designs in one of two categories:

The first design competition category is the Lend Lease Pop up Kiosk. Here entrants must create a design with X-Boards that can be used for multiple types of services, all within a “4m long x 3m wide footprint”. Judges must be able to easily dismantle and reassemble the design, whilst it must display branding effectively. The first prize in this category is $2000, while the second is $1000.

The second category is the Pop up Shop, where again, entrants must utilise the X-board and create a design that can be used for multiple purposes, this time within a footprint 8m wide x 10m long. The first prize in the Pop up Shop is $3000, while the second is $1000.

Design competition prize winners will also have the opportunity to pitch their designs to Lend Lease for possible use in one of their retail centres around Australia. They will also have their work built by Oxford Communications Group Pty Ltd for display at Melbourne’s designEX architecture and design event.

Judge, Gold Partner of the Big Shift Design Competition and Managing Director of Xanita Oceana, Greg Nicholls, says “the future of pop-up retail store design will increasingly incorporate eye-catching, lightweight, re-usable board materials which post-use, are diverted away from landfill, back into the manufacturing loop.

Being quick to assemble and dismantle, versatile in design and sustainable, the pop-up store could be making many more appearances in the commercial world in the near future. For more on this exciting competition on sustainable interior design, take a look at the Big Shift Design Competition website.

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