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The Eco Citizen Australia headquarters is located in the beautiful town of Byron Bay on the far north coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Our team shares a variety of interests but we all value the potential of renewable energy, sustainable design and forward thinking concepts. Australia is known for problem solving and creative thinking, combine this with practical solutions and we have a great future ahead for clean technology and harnessing the power of our planet. If you have a story idea you think we would be interested in please contact us today!

Seton Prettejohn

Seton PrettejohnSeton’s interest in renewable energy and sustainable design took off when he decided to build a dwelling on a property in Far North Queensland some years ago. After discovering that he was better off with bore water, solar/wind power and treating waste water on site his personal investigation into the development of clean technology and commercial uses of renewable energy blossomed.

With a background in website development and digital marketing this interest manifested itself in the Eco Citizen Australia website. Seton firmly believes there is a huge future for Australia in renewable energy, sustainable design and eco tourism and hopes to highlight these emerging innovative ideas through his website and inspire people to think outside the box.
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Tracey Hordern

Tracey HordernTracey Hordern works as a journalist, editor and copywriter. Tracey has edited and written for newspapers, magazines, websites and books for the last twenty years. “Everything from The Australian newspaper to Green Pages, Australian Contemporary Design to Voyeur (Virgin Blue’s in-flight magazine).”

Today, Tracey is living her Byron Bay dream life and limits her writing to subjects that inspire her – design, lifestyle, people and the environment.

“Design can be magnificently inspirational and it helps if you’re enthused when writing about lifestyle. And then there’s the joy of writing about people dedicated to protecting our environment and helping others. That’s why I write; to be inspired and hopefully that emotion is shared in the writing.”
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Nina Hill

nina hillNina Hill moved to Byron Bay 7 years ago and instantly fell in love with the place. After completing a Bachelor Degree in Media and Journalism in 2010 she jumped straight into launching her own business in PR, marketing and communications with freelance writing on the side.

Working in the fashion, lifestyle and music industry with clients that are both locally and nationally renowned, Nina loves the inspiration and exciting aspects of these industries but always wants to push for something more.

“These industries are full of creative and inspiring people, so my work is always fun but my driving passion has always been social justice, humanitarian issues and environmental causes.”

To balance her work within the fashion and lifestyle industry Nina has always volunteered with not-for-profit and environmental groups in PR, marketing, sales, events and communication.

Now writing for Eco Citizen Australia Nina can combine her love for writing, creativity and environmental causes whilst writing about ever-inspiring people and ideas.
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Ross Kendall

ross kendallRoss Kendall has been working as journalist since 2001 when he first started covering the sustainability and renewable energy sectors. Since then he has worked on big national newspapers subediting, as well as reporting on general news and sports for regional newspapers in northern NSW. He has also written extensively for internet-based news organisations on finance and lifestyle issues.

Ross has an honours degree in economics from Newcastle University and studied journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney. He has had a diverse career path, working as an international money market broker, a researcher with the NSW Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee, as an antiques removalist and manager of a fish and chip shop – Le Chipper – in Paris.

He looks forward to seeing a future 100 per cent powered by renewable energy.
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Andy Tope

Andy TopeTaken by wanderlust early on, Andy travelled extensively throughout Australia, Central and South America, and Asia. His fascination for other cultures led him toward Mexico City, where he lived whilst studying anthropology.

Prior to his overseas travels, Andy completed a chef’s apprenticeship and a certificate in photography, before he eventually returned to Australia to obtain a BSc/BA from Macquarie University, majoring in Ancient History, Anthropology and Palaeontology. Andy then worked for Australian Associated Press in the broadcast news section as a supervisor while completing a course in feature writing for magazines & newspapers, as well as a B2B copywriting course.

Finding he could resist the temptation no longer, Andy fled with his family to the hills of Byron, where he decided to settle for a while and enthusiastically write, read, eat, and do his bit as a concerned eco-citizen. Read more about Andy’s adventures on his blog at travellingtype.com.

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