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June 26, 2021

Think inside the box – Boxed Water is Better


Boxed Water is Better is about sustainability and giving back. The US based developers wanted to start a new water company that has sustainable packaging, gives back to foundations (especially those linked to water) that they feel are important and develop a product that has a lower carbon footprint than today’s traditional bottled water.

boxed water

The Americans are letting us in on the little secret that boxed water is better. Inspired to create a brand of bottled water that is better for the environment, the Michigan-based company came up with the idea of boxed water. Boxed Water Is Better delivers a packaged, transportable hydration source that is sustainable, in recyclable packaging, where the cardboard is made from trees from certified, well-managed forests.

Our current obsession with bottled water is costing the planet too much. While refillable containers are great, there are some times when you’re out and about that you need to buy water. Boxed water is a great alternative to plastic – the greatest polluter there is currently.

Boxed Water is Better are currently working on an international distribution that will allow them to be in a number of both small and large retailers in all areas, for now Boxed Water is available at Southside Tea Rooms in Victoria in Australia.

The producers are currently using reverse osmosis then carbon filtered purified drinking water from the municipal source at the location of the closest filling plant. As they grow, their goal is to ship our filled product the shortest distance possible by establishing multiple filling locations near major metropolitan areas. It is not “speciality” or “luxury” water – instead it is simply refreshing, packaged water that causes the planet far less damage than bottled water does.

Boxed water has committed 10% of the profits to go to water foundations, and another 10% of their profits will be going to forestation foundations. Their goal has two parts, firstly, to create a product for a growing market (replacing bottled water) that lessens the environmental impact and gives back a bit – which simply makes it a step in the right direction. Secondly, Boxed Water is committed to constantly exploring new technology to lessen the impact of the portable water market while always giving back.

For now, you can pick up your carton of cool, refreshing boxed water from Southside Tea Room in Victoria, but stay tuned, this product is sure to be picked up on a much larger scale. For more information have a look at the Boxed Water website .


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