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October 14, 2020

Transitions Film Festival to show in Alice Springs and Adelaide

The Transitions Film Festival is Australia’s largest solutions-focused sustainability film festival and it’s traveling to Alice Springs and Adelaide.

The festival hopes to share and inspire the change needed to create true social and environmental sustainability.

The festival showcases powerful, inspiring and ground-breaking films from around the world. It covers topics such as renewable energy, organics, permaculture, economics, design and consciousness.

After successful programs in Melbourne and Darwin earlier this year the Festival heads to Alice Springs for October 24-25, and to Adelaide during November 1-10, 2013.

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The Transitions Film Festival is presented by a not-for-profit organisation called Undergrowth Inc.

The screening program  features a broad range of pre and post-film activities including special guest introductions, live artistic performances, film discussions, and forums with leaders from the sustainability community.

The festival places a high level of importance on community engagement. Local artists, filmmakers, social innovators and community organisations are able to use the festival as a platform to gain greater public attention.

Previous festivals have included a large range of guests including leading academics, poets, artists, authors, hip-hop artists, and community campaigners.

And of course documentary filmmakers.

For more information check out the festival website.


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