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June 24, 2021

Winners Pop Up at The Big Shift Design Competition 2013

Hopeful finalists flew in from all over the country for The Big Shift Design Competition’s glittering prize-giving presentation on May 30, 2021 at designEX, Melbourne’s premier design and architecture event.

Founded by sustainability ambassador, interior designer and writer Emine Mehmet, The Big Shift Design Competition encourages and awards creativity and innovation in the design of interiors using sustainable materials and products. Big Shift refers to the shift from ‘design as usual’ to sustainable design, reflecting the shift in world consciousness towards sustainability.

“I believe we can all incorporate sustainability into our lives and contribute to the growth of a positive planet,” says Emine Mehmet. “It just takes a shift in the way we think. Designers have a huge role to the play in this shift by producing work that is sustainable.”

design competition winners

This year’s The Big Shift Design Competition focused on sustainability in shops and the ‘Pop Up’ phenomenon. Using Xanita X-Board materials – lightweight boards made from upcycled cellulose fibre waste – designers were asked to create designs for a Pop Up Kiosk and a Pop Up Shop. The structures had to show branding and be easily dismantled and reassembled by the judges.

design competition winner

The Lend Lease Pop Up Kiosk awarded $2000 for first prize and $1000 for second prize. The winning design by Jason McLeod, WA, impressed judges with its ‘homely casualness to the sometimes harsh retail environment’, as well as the creative use of X-board, and ‘rich variety of form and choice’ for product displays. Runner-up Richard Kingsmill from Qld’s Creations Group scored points for demonstrating a ‘fluid knowledge of the X-board and its potential’. Sydney’s Katherine Broumels Woods Bagot was Highly Commended.

The Pop Up Shop category was also $3000 for first prize and $1000 for second. The standout design, by Nelson Velazquez, Sydney, demonstrated a definite wow factor, according to judges, ‘The spaces immediately intrigues…yet is anchored by a very functional perimeter of display units and fitments that allow the customers to fluidly engage with the product.’

design competition

Alisa Newey of ReNew Designs, Qld, whose ‘completely unconventional and refreshingly new’ scheme pushed a simple board product to a new level, took the runner-up prize. Vincent Choi from rpecture architects, Victoria, was Highly Commended. The winners will also get the chance to pitch their designs to Lend lease for use in Lend lease’s 16 shopping centres.

If The Big Shift Design Competition sounds like something you might be interested in, the competition will run next year, again using X-board for retail Pop Ups. It will be open to both students and professional designers in Australia and internationally. See their website for more information www.thebigshiftdesigncomp.com

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