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May 26, 2021

Award winning Ecoliv Modular buildings

Prefabricated modular buildings homes by Ecoliv have been purpose designed by award winning building designer Beaumont Concepts to provide a compact, sustainable housing solution.

Utilising lived in space and embracing an eco approach to permanent or holiday living in urban, rural and remote locations, Ecoliv modular homes allow flexibility by arranging a variety of configurations of their modules to create personalised buildings. This translates to designs that will meet individual living and site requirements.

ecoliv sustainable homes

Modules designed by Ecoliv are all fully transportable from the factory (where they are built) to your site. Alternatively, they can be built onsite. The factory built homes however are recommended to ensure minimal site disturbance and provide significant savings in embodied energy therefore leading to reductions in overall operational energy.

Featuring clean architectural lines and low maintenance products Ecoliv create a timeless and contemporary style that effortlessly convenes with nature. Varied facade options, claddings, window types, internal fittings and colours are selected in our materials selection centre, ensuring each home is unique in every way.

All Ecoliv buildings have been designed to achieve a minimum 7 star energy rating. Their HIA GreenSmart Accredited display home won the 2010 HIA GreenSmart National Home of the year by demonstrating Ecoliv’s ability to reduce impact on human health and the natural environment.

The standard inclusions in Ecoliv Buildings are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout the building’s life cycle. This winning combination of passive solar design, waste reduction, systems integration and optimal operational performance will reduce energy usage by up to 40%. Composting toilets, grey and black water recycling systems and wind power systems can be adapted to any Ecoliv building for total self-sufficiency. Each design can alternatively be connected to existing services that also significantly contribute to reducing environmental impact for the long and short term.

CSIRO research indicates that the embodied energy content of a building is significant compared to the energy used in operating the building over its life. The average household contains about 1,000 GJ of energy embodied in the materials used in its construction – equivalent to about 15 years of normal operational energy use.

A recent Australian study found that, on average a one star improvement in energy ratings translates to a 3% rise in market value. Incorporating sustainable design components has immediate and long lasting lifestyle and health benefits and can even boost the value of properties.

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