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May 19, 2021

Blue Eco Homes

Joe Mercieca has had a 26-year career in the Australian building industry. Building sustainable and eco homes has always been a dream of his with which Blue Eco Homes was born in 2010 and is the environmental building arm of Joe Mercieca Constructions.

Blue Eco Homes are environmentally sound homes that are sympathetic to and supportive of the Australian environment as well as embodying the lifestyle and requirements of the inhabitants of these homes.

blue eco homes

Minimizing the affect on the environment occurs through the complete stages of planning and operations. At the design process the award winning Blue Eco Homes use state of the art technology that utilizes 3D design software. This allows buyers to view and virtually walk through their future sustainable home.

From the design process down to the very completion of the project, including all levels of construction everything is completed as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Blue Eco Homes refers to the company’s base in the Blue Mountains and also the concept of the “blue sky” – of course referring to the use of solar power. The Blue Mountains is also home to the Blue Eco Home’s concept home which is based in Winmalee of the Blue Mountains.

blue eco homes sustainable house

This concept home features all the full range of sustainable features available for a Blue Eco Home. Including an East-West axis for maximum solar exposure, concrete slab floor (suspended and insulated) to absorb the suns warmth during the day and release during the evening, larger openings to the North with smaller openings to the south to reduce winter heat loss, rainwater collection from every roof, all timber is plantation grown or recycled and hydronic in-slab heating with hot water supplied by evacuated tube collectors (80%) and supplemented by gas boiler (20%).

Joe Mercieca’s experience in the building industry includes both residential and commercial. Here he has extended his knowledge of both design, building and sustainability to launch Blue Eco Commercial as part of Blue Eco Homes. In 2011 their work in the commercial arena was recognised by the industry at the 2011 Master Builders Association of NSW Excellence in Construction Awards. Blue Eco Homes construction of the popular restaurant-wine bar, “Leura Garage”, in Leura, saw Blue Eco Home take top prize in two categories – ‘Refurbishment / Renovation / Extension up to $5 million’ and ‘Resource Efficiency’.


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